Mke of your word, your next move.

How to write a better speech

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In today’s world, writing and talking to the public, is becoming a very important value in your business. Many times we have business presentations, or events that requires our speech, to motivate or to complement a very important aspect of what we represent as a brand.

Mke of your word, your next move.
Make your word, the next move.

Having the great speech, is telling the world about what you represent, how your academic background has made you as a professional, and not talking the name of the university here, but your tuition in life. And your experience, and how much you love or appreciate what you have.

Many times I have been asked to write speeches, so I consider myself a learner, because this is a task that is never perfect, is never set as a final technique. On the other side, write someone’s speech, is a challenge, is to dig in so deep into this person’s behavior and personality, that is a piece of work so far from be a creative mind, or writing a task with the best way out of expressing thoughts. It is a privilege of getting to know this person. So I thought about to be grateful, and share some aspects of a good speech, for someone who find this, as an inspiration to grab a pen.

So how to write a better speech?

3 simple steps to start…

  1. Start by realizing that you have reached a peak, a position of other’s listen what you have to say. Ask yourself this simple question: if your story was meant to be different, would you be asked to stand up, and talk in front of everybody? Or is something you had earned, or is your duty? The answer will set a vision, a path to start writing. Why? because not matter how pretty you write, people know and understand your presence, and probably you have been followed around for a while before this day. So this is not a casual encounter, this is something that was coming up to you. So your speech should reflect your position, not yourself, not the business model, or the character you are playing (in case you are a multitask person). So if you are a president of the board, you talk as is: the president of the board.
  2. Be deep in your thoughts, be humble, and realize people’s feelings. No other speech is remembered, than the one who was understood, and touched a soft side of you. Someone who had live been aware of what was surrounding you.
  3. Be professional and kind, many speeches are usually made with long paragraphs, and many examples, or many quotes, etc. People read, and follow others people and their experiences, always think about every word you are saying, keep in mind your audience is smart, and very educated people. The best words will be the ones are meant to be by your experience, and story. In another words, be unique, be yourself.

Hope you find it helpful, and share it with the world!

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