When is time to re-design your Instagram?

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Hey guys, I’ve been working with this lately, I think is more common than anything in social media these days. Retail stores are pushing sales by creating videos, .gifs and all sort of content to call the attention from the consumer.

I’m sharing some tips if you are looking to do some changes in your feed. Get some ideas? Please share your thoughts below!


When is the right time?

Well the right time is.. when you are not getting enough comments, not so many followers and definitely not enough sales. Social media is a channel to promote your products and services, and is a huge difference if you are a retailer or consultant. Although having a sales strategy is valid for services or products, I may say retailers have more exposure and many ways to make sales using social media than freelancers and consultants. So if you are a consultant, or freelancer like me your strategy should focus on showing your work, and combine offline activities to reach a wider criteria of businesses to get in touch with you. Use Instagram to show from all your portfolio only the pictures that makes you proud.


cheryl ceballos tips
Elle Decor logo is used on the feed. Notice the 2 post I circle, grey, bluish and a hue. Like the logo!

What your logo have to do with Instagram?

  • The logo is everything, the color palette should be the main inspiration of all. Choose 3 colors from your branding, and stick with creating content based on this. If your colors are black and white, add grey or a pop up color.
  • Why 3? There is a huge difference when you add a 3rd color, it makes the feed look easy to look and likeable. You wish to have a smooth palette, not solid colors.
  • The 3rd color is a hue from the main 2 colors from your brand. A pop up color like a neon or red, should be used on your website, business card, etc. If is not your case then don’t. Unless you work by season like spring/summer content, then pop up color backgrounds are great.
palette color
I try 2 main colors on the left, the red and grey. The 3rd color on the right palette will be any of the showing on the picture. I love this tool is called Material Palette.



Check the meaning of the pictures?

  • The pictures are based on promotional campaigns? Or are pictures based on your inventory? The meaning of the concept should be based on what’s going on your store.
  • Check the last 30 days to see if the content strategy is based on your current activities in your store. Are they helping you to sell? Are they helping you to people get engaged? Or are they the same you always share, same angles, same filter?
  • Analytics are great, but I prefer some personal review to complement the reports. Call it.. I follow my gut on the meaning of the pictures.
cheryl ceballos tips
The cut magazine is a lifestyle magazine, so the content is based on articles. All articles are content they relate to each other. If you are a brand you may relate your inventory using campaigns with photoshoots.


Do you use filters?

  • I prefer use the pictures as they are, filters are not my favorites though. However as I work with photography I add my personal touch to the pictures before publish them. I play with the colors of the store, I use white all the time. And add an extra highlight or brightness when is needed.
  • I work with jewelry so for swarovski crystals or stones, I don’t use filters, I add extra light. I do zooms and play with perspectives inside the store, so this makes the product be the star inside the store. Although models are crucial, and post fashion pics and outfits combinations is a must. When work with furniture I love to use spaces and add a zoom to the newest piece. And when I work with technology I use videos instead of pictures, so I review the product instead of just announcing the features.
  • But when you are pushing for a sale promotion, you may use a combination of both. In clothing is different, I have a customer that sells online, and she use campaigns for a collection, such as if she is promoting a summer clothes, she choose the beach if the outfits are mostly for this place, and place products in places like rocks, use models to play inside the water and do videos. Movement, light, and original photos is more what I recommend.
cheryl ceballos
Filters are fun, don’t get me wrong. Is just I do love the original clean picture edited only if needed. I believe in showing the real product to the viewer

Choosing pictures, planning schedules, and listen the customer?

  • I know that having a schedule is the more professional way to create and post content. But if you are not working with an agency, then I recommend to sit for 30 minutes on Monday before your store opens, and think about the week in advance. How, why, how many, and what are you going to post? Start with a concept, never post the same concept after another, if you post a pair of shoes, the next post should be the skirt, and so on.
  • Posting the same is boring, is dull. If you wish to promote a concept then create pictures that are related to that, and share them using the above tips, but never in a trend, always surprising the viewer, always creating a vision of what is coming next.
  • The more exciting the concept, the more likeable and intuitive and different the post, the more engaging you’ll get.

schedule cheryl ceballos

How many followers?

  • Well that question is permanent, the more customers you have the better for your brand, or service. But how much are you willing to work for that? Followers are not a number only, is an answer to your work. If you work hard to create content for your brand, more followers are coming to your social media channels.
  • The more creative you’ll get, the more followers you’ll have. The more you comment, answer questions, read bio’s know your audience, the right content you’ll produce.
  • Followers are work, hard work. That’s bull if someone tells you that followers is a response to the amount of posts, is not! The quality of your post, the frequent you post with quality posts, the more engaging and nice account you’ll get.


followers by cheryl ceballos

So if you are a retailer, or a freelancer this are tips that are working for me. If you wish to share more tips, do so by comment below 🙂 

Tag me on your posts, I’ll love to see what is working for you! Drop me a line if you need help on posting on social media