The Art Of Social Media | Book Review

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As long as I remember Guy Kawasaki is always pointing to a solid strategy in all what he do. I would say “He is the Master of Strategy” all business ventures, and his current work with the brands he represent, I don’t see anything but hard work and a genuine attitude to make it happen. I have tried all brands he work with so far I’m aware of, I not only enjoy been part of by using the product, but learn great tips from him. This book The Art Of Social Media is a deep basic step to step on how you can definitely step up in social media with a Strategy from day one. image You can get the book by clicking the pic above.

I can’t say which part I enjoyed more.  As we all are on a busy world,  the idea of curate content and use the tools he recommend was enough for me to read the book 3 times. I have it on my phone as a tool by itself. So at anytime I’m looking for an idea on a new start-up business, I will go to refresh and get some ideas to help my new small business.

As a business coach I’m in a constant research for ideas and knowledgable people who push forward with positive and energetic approach. But what has a big impact on me is Guy’s humble yet smart  personality, even with a busy and demanding work he may be in, he answer personally my emails.

Another book you should try is Ape,  a great book on how to write and promote your book.  Get it here  (click)  APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book.

Last but no less is Peg, she is the Martha Stewart of Social Media. I heard this from Guy 🙂 talking about how Peg works, in one webinar. I found it funny but yes is true! She is in all details and well spoken, I really like her working as a team with Guy.

I hope you get inspired in learning more about this book and share your comments below. Cheers! Cheryl.



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