Cheryl and Isabella working girls

How to start-up a home business and be successful

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My dream after becoming a mom, was to be able to work from home, I was always trying to learn new things and be versatile in all business areas: human resources, accounting, public relations, copy-writing, trade show organizer, and many experiences I am grateful to have from my past corporate job experiences. See about me

As I moved to Dominican Republic almost 14 years ago, I had plenty of work opportunities, my goal was to get into many business areas possible to be able to eventually run my business. I have had good jobs that put me on perspective in many corporate business areas, now I take advantage of all of them.

Each work experience has been a treasure, I never thought of being unhappy working for someone else, because I accepted that I needed it, I don’t regret, even of hard moments of working with difficult people.

Using your experience will help you to understand the basics of how to be able to run almost any kind of business, not only the one you dream about, but the one who help you make more money.

Almost every book, quote or person I read always says: follow your passion, I say to you: => follow your passion but keep your feet on the ground when you have kids. 10 years ago my daughter was born, 3 years ago I jumped in and started working at what I have created my niche, my job from my past experiences.

What is my niche? =>solve problems. Be there for my customers, and be able to adapt myself to the type of business with whom I decide to work with. I don’t work with everyone, I choose with whom to work, not because I am difficult lol, but because I choose who need me!

After I became a mom I remember suffering for leaving my child at a day care, or with strangers, skipping all birthdays parties, (having no social life was affecting her on school), and been so scared!! that she was alone with a stranger at home. So this with the years became a nightmare.

Suddenly in December 2011 I took the risk! we couldn’t handle it anymore, we were isolated, my blood pressure was at the highest pick, stress was ticking the clock for an upcoming disaster. I stop for one second and say to myself: this is my time, if I’m able to be successful at a company for a salary, why not to myself? If people pay me for what I do best, why should I be afraid of?

What helped me?: =>The System: I created a system, a plan that started in one point, but developed at the end to what I called: SPT (Skills, Plan, Test) repeat.

  1. The first thing I did was to write all my skills, but not aspirations, I mean my talent, for what people congratulate me and pay me on all my past jobs.
  2. I created a small business plan in one page (Executive Summary), (stick into your niche). Templates are for inspiration, but you know better what you wish to accomplish. Best way is: => Executive summary: here you wish to write in one single page your whole business vision, why, when, how. After this you build your whole strategy.
  3. The third thing I did, and I continuously do every single day, is study, to learn from almost everybody, keep searching to be great, to deliver value to non stop caring about your customer, to work for a better customer service, and to be able to transform into a better business professional every single day. Why? because the harder you work the better you become, is that simple.


My dream came true! My daughter and I work together, she learn and help me, also we share our schedule, we go together and bond naturally our relationship mother/daughter even more!

See this pic? we are @ art gallery (one of my customers) I can tell you is worth the try! Start-up your business now!

Cheryl and Isabella working girls

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Here is a video of Ori Bengal, he is an inspiration to anyone who looking to any business opportunity and or passion in life. I put him as an example because he really had obstacles, he believe in himself, learn from experience and live his own life the way he wish, not neccesarly the one I wish for lol, but he is a great talent, and good coach for an online course Make WordPress Easy, You can follow him here




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