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I found this a bit intimidating when is time to talk about performance, and I say this because many entrepreneurs stick in one niche for a long period of time, without refining with sales performance and getting too comfortable just by doing what they love.I understand it, I have done this exercise so many times in my head, also writing down the facts… starting with the phrase ” I love what I do, why should I ever think about change it” But the point is that is crucial in business to measure your success, be honest about your talent, and results…yes financial results.

Cheryl Ceballos Small Business Coach

This topic is fascinating when you learn how to discover and succeed above the competition, find your place in the market share, be a great help for customers, and eventually execute a plan to achieve financial success, and of course having personal satisfaction on loving and working with your niche.

Yesterday I had a business meeting with one of my customers, we talked about the potential and real facts about choosing the services based on our real talent, in what area of your niche are you really good?. So we said we can do so many things, in so many areas and actually we work on many things to try to satisfy our customers, that we don’t have doubts if we really can or can’t do something. But talking about performance we should sit down and narrow the options of services to offer.

So after a couple of hours of business coaching I stick to one sentence…“One way to accomplish a successful career is to escalate and think above the daily activities, and envision our potential into projects that help you assure a future in your business”. I may say that I love my daily to do’s activities, but refining your niche and help yourself to see in what else you are good for business, and how your talent is used to engage with bigger business goals, driving you to eventually reach the success peak, which was in this conversation a “Financial Stability”. So we have started a plan to reach this goal by working as a team and designing a strategy to get to what we wish for.

🙂 As this study case continues, I may share with you guys a simple way to do this exercise of refining your niche, not matter from what part of the world you are reading me, or in what business stage or phase you are (Starting-Up, or Growing Your Business). Feel free to share your thoughts below :-).

Steps To Refine Your Niche

Type Of Customers: successful relationships are based on chemistry and potential partnership, either by complementing each other, or creating strategies for great results. Try to think about the ideal customer, the one you think will be a satisfying business relationship.

Satisfy Needs: be humble and open to listen, customer service start by been honest to yourself as entrepreneur, know your abilities and weak points. Learn how to share your knowledge, and look for alliances that help you succeed (team players), and be there for your customer in areas where you know there is an SOS call.

Watch Out On Putting Limits To Yourself (Believe in Your Talent): I know is intimidating when you are starting up and learn about your competition, versus your performance.. it’s ok… you know you are a talented professional, so learn to believe in yourself, and fight honestly with a great work result {you still reading right? So you already doing it :-)))}

Stop And Analyze Results (Strategies): there is no way you’ll get results straight from what you started until you reach your goal, so occasionally stop, listen, read, and ask about what you are doing, strategies should be refined too.

Grow And Change: grow is a result when you are doing something right, so be ready to change as well, no one ever stay the same, nature teaches you that, that applies to entrepreneurship too, specially for small businesses.  This takes time and effort, is not a one day exercise, is a full-time work on thinking how to be better. So keep it up on changing for good too.

Use Keyword Tools: during this exercise of refining your niche, is crucial to apply it to your website and online marketing campaigns. For this purpose a tool helps a lot to give you a perspective on what keywords you should use depending on your niche. I recommend this tool so you can study the different words results, until you reach the perfect keyword for your niche. Go here

Is always great to receive your emails, and thoughts about this adventure of starting up a business, feel free to write me at any time with your questions, or place your comment below! Until the next time!



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