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Google’s Glass New Competition is… Telepathy

. What is Telepathy   . Telepathy is an innovative device encourages real-time, hands-free, interactive communication by instantly sharing the user’s visuals with individuals from all over the world, enabling the reception of immediate feedback. . Movie of Telepathy . Telepathy Demonstration at SxSW2013 . Product Concept Movie . Selected Sotries of Telepathy . Lift! Lift It Now!  (From Father in Hospital) . . Wow! How...

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The 21 worst tech habits and how to break them

Source: .  By: Christopher Null . You bite your nails. Your house is a sty. You never signal before changing lanes, and when you finally reach your destination, you're 30 minutes late. We all have bad habits in life. Why can't technology help cure them? While technology should help...

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