How To Monetize Your Website

Let’s focus on value. Probably you’ve heard about Inbound Marketing, a right example of great inbound marketing is what many bloggers do, by telling their stories and promoting brands using great pictures, going to wonderful events and always creating fresh content that sells a lovely lifestyle. But, not everybody may have the same approach, and maybe not having much time to create nice content as we wish, so is not a right choice for everybody. So this 3 steps are general speaking a basic guide for all kind of small businesses or start-ups.

  • Open an E-commerce site

You own a blog?

Start by creating your e-commerce site, offer a great discount or introductory price to launch, and create a special event to open the website. Dare to be different, by creating a nice looking and friendly to use shopping cart.


  • Focus on events

If you are a retailer, or sell services either way you can create events to bring people to meet you and learn about you.


  • Work on Your Values

*What you teach or give?

Develop content before people ask for it. Let’s say you are in the organic food business, think what people would love to learn from you?, or find out through your website even before they meet you?

The first thing to do, is to learn who are your ideal customer, find out who are they, what they do, what they sell and then give away part of your knowledge by directing content linked to your products.


  • Create articles linked with your products you are selling online. An example headline could be: “Plant your own veggies with the seeds from “Organic Food  Store” and get a free class live on how to do it” You are selling the seed, but your teaching how to use them, so guess what? Giving away some knowledge will return to you in money! As well if you are a retail store offer some services that compliment the purchase, maybe some free advice on site.


  • Friendly Shopping Experience

*How you sell it?

Think in the purchasing experience of your customers, make it a friendly shopping experience, something to make a difference between the competition and you.


  • Create an e-commerce website to help people to engage with your portfolio and let people make reservations online with a special price.
  • Offer a complementary discount to enroll to your mailing list.
  • Get people together one day celebrating anything and give away some goodies from other brands, or create yours with your own products.
  • Celebrate their birthdays by sending an e-card, show appreciation for their loyalty.
  • Create a VIP mailing list and send some special emails from products this customer buy from you showing new arrivals first than any other customers.
  • Offer free delivery.


  • Customer Service

*Don’t Let Customer or Prospects Go Away!


  • Follow up, call or send emails following up how customer feel about your products or services.
  • Solve problems fast! And follow-up until is done, and after.
  • Listen to customers, what they want what is missing in your brand, what else you can do.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your warm, be honest be real, show appreciation.


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Cheryl Ceballos



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