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One of the top popular blogs right now are related to the fashion industry. And many  fashion bloggers  with great background are opening their blogs to share their outfits and making money online. If you are looking to work with fashion, then this article is for you. If You are already a blogger and wish to contact me for ghost writing or web design please send me a note.

The name of your blog is important choose wisely. Ask yourself.. are you interested in become a personal brand? Then you may want to use your name. Are you interested in show a concept? I like this one as an example of this blogger, she is in the Caribbean, so she take pictures and the concept is in the beach or sunny places, her name brings style and call the attention to the readers you may want to check her instagram too => @Caribe.Estilo 

Types of Fashion Bloggers

1. Image Consultant (Check this for inspiration)

Be an image consultant it requires a bit more than just love for the fashion world. Probably is a good idea to get a certification from a well-known organization like Federation of Image Professionals International (FIPI) . The proper functions from this career is to teach, to advice people and corporate groups about how to manage yourself about the personal appearance. It is critical to have excellent people skills and experience as stylist who understand people complex profiles and how to translate trends into the different patterns and activities people are involved.

2. Brand Ambassador (Check this Profile)

This is a very common type of blogger work, it is basically wearing the brands you love and share how to use them or try different types of use. The idea is to link the buyer with the brand using your marketing skills to help increase the sales. The brand will notice right away if your work is worth it to pay you for the services of posting in your blog articles, or media content under their name. Besides having great taste in the way you choose to express the content, it must be real, loyal to the brand and specify why, and if you love it, why other people will too. Can be greatly rewarded you either charge per post, or per campaign.

3. Brand Promotional links (Affiliate Marketing)  (Check this Profile)

The difference between brand ambassador and Affiliate Marketing is based on posting articles linked with an affiliate account that helps you  make money from the sales through your blog. This is an old fashion type of work, and it is very common on stores like Amazon, or any other chain stores, and it works in most cases through an affiliate company who is in charge to create you a profile to check your blog and traffic online to see if you qualify to promote their brand in your blog. So it is based on residual income and probably you’ll make money in volume.

4. Fashion Stylist (Check this Profile)

This work is commonly found in chain stores where there is a professional in charge to suggest ideas on how people should match their outfits and get a turn out to different fashion pieces to look outstanding for an event or activity. It is included the hair, and make up too. So if you love make up and know how to find great deals for the latest trends, then this is your kind of blog.

So you have an idea of your profile? Now it comes the great part! Designing your blog, create the content and publish to share with the world the best of you!

The blog goes according the profile you choose, so if you are an image consultant probably you may want to add proof of your certification, or create content in a more professional way as you may want to work with companies too. The rest comes from your vision and talent. Contact me! lets work together on your new blog, or if you already have one we may want to revamp your style! 🙂



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