Easy shortcut to create your brand (For Startups)

Hey guys, I was helping a customer to create a brand new company the other day, and I thought many new entrepreneurs working from home like she, or maybe a professional with many ideas on how to start a small business may have the same concern. So here 4 easy steps to brainstorm your ideas, and do it yourself branding concept.

What is the best way to start creating a concept? Our goal was to create a name that help people visualize what is the business about, and a logo easy to understand that people can remember.

How we did it?


Step one: Choosing the name.

We did a list of at least 15 names, and domains available. Brainstorming on names that help her to eventually expand as a brand, even she is starting as a consultant. This list can be longer though, but 15 was ok for us. A very good tool was Open up Bust-A-Name is very easy to use, intuitive and free!



Step two: Choosing a logo.

When she told me about creating an icon, I thought well should be a monogram and in one color, although the branding palette we were working on was based on 3 colors, all of them hues. So what we did was search for the best icons in all industries not only her niche, until we found the one we can get inspired from. Then we played with Photoshop to see how colors, textures, and geometric forms may suit our needs.


Step three: Get ready for social media & website.

This step was easy and fun, all the previous hard work was so important for this step. But no beauty is enough without strategy, so an offer for the grand opening is a must. We created an offer to launch the website and to publish the first post.


Step four: Content

The next 30 days was crucial to find followers, so creating a content strategy and a promotional campaign help us to successfully get the first 500 followers in 5 days, in which 5 became customers, not bad!

I can keep going on with more and more steps, but this 4 are basic, is actually very simple to do, but most importantly you consciously need to sit down and start with the very first one. Is better to invest your time at this first stage, than to rebrand your business in the following year.

Write me and let me know how I can help you with your business.




Cheryl Ceballos

I am a business professional with over fifteen years of experience in Business Management. Specialize in Editorial, Marketing & Website Development. I currently work in Art, Fashion & General Business Services. Contact me


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