E-Retailers Top Technology Priorities For 2015

3 Top Technology Priorities From E-Retailers Are:

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61.6% E-Commerce Platform

57.6% Mobile Commerce

40.4% Content Management

The above data was published on Internet Retailer.

Following this recent Survey results, here are some highlights about the top three trends:

  1. Creating a large-scale website. That means a web page that offers an intuitive behavior during potential buyers browsing.  Offering a unique experience and lot of features like reviews, pricing, offers  and delivery options. Reading shoppers minds will reflect on sales for a better shopping experience. For this site search technologies are the answer to quickly produce results of the products that shoppers seek.
  2.  Mobile Marketing using apps and inviting consumers to shop using their phones and tablets. A 50% of total traffic is from smartphones and tablets, as last year reports from major stores with high statistics on Thanksgiving. And what is important is that no time limits the mobile promotions, there is morning sales as you never imagine before.
  3. Content Management because there are different times, items and information people are looking for, is important to keep creating and refining content. One advice is to search terms that shows  what customers or potential customers want to buy today. Although this apply for retailers, consultants and services providers can keep an eye on trends, keywords, social media and analytics on their websites.

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