Creating great content and offers

You may think that creating content is a sort of strategy of selling your services. I think is more about be persuasive.

As you start your promotional campaign, and projecting your marketing plan, you may include some tactic strategies to seduce your audience.


1. Assertive and creative

Create a theme in your campaign, the content you choose to share, will affect how people are going to react. When you suggest with great ideas, you offer a value in that information, and they can reach that goal, then you’ll be successful with the results.

Example: You own a gym and a new spinning class is open. You send flyers, and ads. That may work, but if you have a blog, then you’ll share some ideas, teaching different subjects about what you are trying to sell. You may share some diet tips, specific protein shakes, or even a personalized following up once they register for that spinning class.

2. Informative and helpful

If your spinning class is not for everybody, offer them additional information by age, physical condition, and personal training. In case your offer is not for everybody, classify your offers by your customers categories and lifestyle.

3. Offer a Deadline

I believe that a permanent offer is not really a great opportunity for increasing sales, I have seen many businesses offering the same offer for consecutive months on different weeks, trying to get rid of some products. Also using a very long period of time offers like 15 days in a row. That is really boring, and you have to make sure you’ll have enough inventory to create content and still look interesting. If you promote a great offer only for 3 to 5 days, probably you’ll get a quick response . So deadline is definitely a must. And if your are not selling some products, a deep research should be made, like the price, the quality, the sales speech…other.

Try to choose dates with at least 1 day in advance to get ready. So let’s think you are having a 50% off sale on Friday until Monday, then you set up an email campaign on Thursday,  letting everyone gets ready by starting that day. Not everybody will be able to read emails that fast, always try to offer some period of time to let the people know about the goodies you are offering, as well for you to get ready sending emails, and checking email re-bounces.

3. Organize how you deliver your content.

Be specific to your point on writing your ads, and content. Make sure your heading grabs people’s attention.

Offer Value give your tips away, sometimes people look for content that help them to succeed in something, what they’ll learn, and how can reach their goal with your suggestions.

Creativity is a must, what you offer on the headline is great part of your message. So if you just follow and write what others do, you are not original, so creativity is a great idea to place your personal seal.



Cheryl Ceballos

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