When is time to re-design your Instagram?

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Hey guys, I’ve been working with this lately, I think is more common than anything in social media these days. Retail stores are pushing sales by creating videos, .gifs and all sort of content to call the attention from the consumer. I’m sharing some tips if you are looking to do some changes in your feed. […]

Cheryl Ceballos

Easy shortcut to create your brand (For Startups)

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Hey guys, I was helping a customer to create a brand new company the other day, and I thought many new entrepreneurs working from home like she, or maybe a professional with many ideas on how to start a small business may have the same concern. So here 4 easy steps to brainstorm your ideas, and do […]

How To Monetize Your Website

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Let’s focus on value. Probably you’ve heard about Inbound Marketing, a right example of great inbound marketing is what many bloggers do, by telling their stories and promoting brands using great pictures, going to wonderful events and always creating fresh content that sells a lovely lifestyle. But, not everybody may have the same approach, and […]

The Art Of Social Media | Book Review

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As long as I remember Guy Kawasaki is always pointing to a solid strategy in all what he do. I would say “He is the Master of Strategy” all business ventures, and his current work with the brands he represent, I don’t see anything but hard work and a genuine attitude to make it happen. I have […]

E-Retailers Top Technology Priorities For 2015

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3 Top Technology Priorities From E-Retailers Are: 61.6% E-Commerce Platform 57.6% Mobile Commerce 40.4% Content Management The above data was published on Internet Retailer. Following this recent Survey results, here are some highlights about the top three trends: Creating a large-scale website. That means a web page that offers an intuitive behavior during potential buyers […]

Refining Your Niche

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I found this a bit intimidating when is time to talk about performance, and I say this because many entrepreneurs stick in one niche for a long period of time, without refining with sales performance and getting too comfortable just by doing what they love.I understand it, I have done this exercise so many times […]