Creating great content and offers

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You may think that creating content is a sort of strategy of selling your services. I think is more about be persuasive. As you start your promotional campaign, and projecting your marketing plan, you may include some tactic strategies to seduce your audience. Steps 1. Assertive and creative Create a theme in your campaign, the […]

International Women’s Day 2014 Theme: INSPIRING CHANGE

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Women’s equality has made positive gains but the world is still unequal. International Women’s Day celebrates the social, political and economic achievements of women while focusing world attention on areas requiring further action.   Inspiring Change is the 2014 theme for the global hub and encourages advocacy for women’s advancement everywhere in every way. […]

9 Successful Public Relations Steps

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As many businesses from all industries and sectors are becoming aware of the power of digital promotion. Public Relations must be one of your ultimate goals of a successful Marketing Campaign. However, different types of campaigns have also a different result as you measure ROI. Let’s see some steps on how to start your public […]

Google’s Glass New Competition is… Telepathy

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. What is Telepathy   . Telepathy is an innovative device encourages real-time, hands-free, interactive communication by instantly sharing the user’s visuals with individuals from all over the world, enabling the reception of immediate feedback. . Movie of Telepathy . Telepathy Demonstration at SxSW2013 . Product Concept Movie . Selected Sotries of Telepathy . Lift! Lift It Now!  (From […]

The 21 worst tech habits and how to break them

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Source: .  By: Christopher Null . You bite your nails. Your house is a sty. You never signal before changing lanes, and when you finally reach your destination, you’re 30 minutes late. We all have bad habits in life. Why can’t technology help cure them? While technology should help us break bad habits, all too often it makes […]