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How to write a better speech

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In today’s world, writing and talking to the public, is becoming a very important value in your business. Many times we have business presentations, or events that requires our speech, to motivate or to complement a very important aspect of what we represent as a brand. Having the great speech, is telling the world about […]

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60 Applications you must have to manage your social media accounts

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Time management is definitely one priority for us, so having great tools is more than just be efficient in Social Media, is a way to create, engage and promote your brand and manage your time with success.     This article was seen first on . 60 applications for Social Media Management and more.. […]

10-day Tips for a Newsletter that sells more

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In 10 days you’ll get a proven tips, on how you can increase your sales on creating your newsletter. The 10-Day tips are for start-up businesses who are in the process of getting their first customers, also building their list. During this 10 days you’ll receive valuable information about: Free to download software about how […]